• Survival

At any given moment it is inevitable that we will be faced with hardship in our lives, some bearable, some... unbearable. As a species that has been evolving for thousands of years, it is an intrinsic characteristic for humans to persevere, to continue despite whatever challenges cross our paths. In these uncertain times, where souls around the world are hanging from the strings of hope, we introduce to you, 'Survival'. The second anthology in the Magesoul Publishing Trilogy features the experiences of 25 writers, in a collection full of determination, grit and courage in the face of adversity.
Alicia Young
Jorge Anton
Lois Rose Sterling
Cedrik O. Wallace
Frollein Fleckenstein
Adric Ceneri
Angela Marie Niemiec
Kristin L. Provenzano
Tyrell Tinnin
Shefali Dang
Nicole Gabert
Karlye. S.
Chris Faenza
Cynthia Hallynn
Sakshi Narula
Cass Marie
Joe Steele
K.M. Lennan
Dena Helmer
Alex Le’Gare
Nat White
David John Smith
Callie Carroll
Carlos Medina
Casandra Rojas